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Are you sick and tired of not having enough traffic, leads, sales, or business capital to build a thriving business? 

Online Traffic and business capital are the hottest commodities in the online world, and now you can use other peoples traffic, resources, and connections to:

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Get others to do 99% of the work for you.

Thousands Of Marketers Are Ready To Help You.

If you want to transform the way you market your products and services, raise capital, or monetize the websites, email lists, or social media audiences of others, you can tap into over 900 billion dollars in global advertising, and business related products and services, and use our network to not only raise capital, but bring the traffic, leads, sales, referrals, discounts, JV's, Affiliates, Influencers, and Service Providers to you.

You can start targeting any audience, email list, traffic source, or high traffic website you need, and use your capital or the capital of others, and start earning from it before it's too late.

Eliminate Your Online Traffic Problems Once And For All!

We know what it's like to throw away thousands on paid advertising, spend endless nights worrying, doubting, and wondering how we were going to make ends meet, constantly posting on social media sites and forums trying to squeeze out a few sales, and becoming frustrated watching others around us succeed.  

Until we figured out that 94% of marketers, entrepreneurs, affiliates, and business owners shared the same needs.

That's when we created a powerful and lucrative strategy that brought them together while helping everyone get what they need.

While your competitors are focused on free traffic methods, software suites, SEO, and everything else under the sun, you can target any traffic source, use thousands in monthly capital, and leverage the largest advertising networks, and business service companies in the world for the benefit of your business, your customers, and clients.

Every business needs more capital, traffic, leads, and sales!

Imagine How You Can Start Helping Others!

If you have a high traffic website, email list, social media audience, or if you know how to find them, you can get verified, and start driving daily, bi-weekly, and monthly sales and residual income from your own personal traffic sources, or from the traffic sources of others.

Build Your Own Marketing Inner Circle

You can also build a list of verified JV's, Affiliates, Influencers, Service Providers, and Traffic Sources that are eager to help you, your customers, or your clients succeed.

How Does It Work?

Each members success is tied to the success of their entire team, along with the teams above and below them.

The more they help you, the more sales, commissions, assignments, leads, referrals, bonuses, and free advertising that they'll receive. Giving them a powerful incentive to work for you. 

They can purchase from you directly, send you referrals and outsourced assignments, help you promote your offers, raise capital, become your joint venture partners or affiliates, and earn long term income from others who needs traffic or business related offers, by simply helping you.

You can secure huge discounts on the traffic, products, and services you need, joint venture, affiliate or partner with others, get massive exposure to your business, take on assignments your self, or pass on your leads to others on your team, and earn a healthy fee.

Whether they're selling electronics, women's clothing, web design, or marketing services, each member is verified, they may already have access and trust with your target audience, they always need products and services to promote or purchase to streamline their businesses, they may have thousands in monthly capital to spend, and they can potentially drive 99% of your sales, and perform any assignment for you.

While they're helping you raise capital, and drive traffic, leads, and sales, you could be focused on marketing your business, creating new offers, helping your customers or clients, expanding your reach, and marketing like the pros.

You can be hands off by simply marketing your own business or affiliate offers through the network, or you can promote your offers and raise thousands in capital by offering traffic to others.


The only way anyone can stop you is if you stand in your own way!

Most marketers and high traffic website owners have no idea that there are billions up for grabs, and by the time they figure it out, you could already be earning from them, and their best customers.

On the flip side you can procrastinate, let this offer pass you by, and they could be raising thousands in capital, snatching up your best traffic sources, offering better products and services to your best customers, and secretly earning from your efforts if you fail to take action.

You can become the last Consultant, Service Provider, or Traffic Source that others will ever need, or you can let someone else get their share of the billions that most marketers are simply leaving on the table.

Once you show someone how to drive more traffic, leads, sales, and raise capital while getting huge discounts on the products and services they need, they will keep coming back for more.

You (and anyone you tell) Can Even Receive $1000 in Advertising, Two Paying Signups, And Our Exclusive Discount If You Get Started Before Time Runs Out. "Sorry No Exceptions"!

Case Study:

I’m currently earning over $36,000 per month...

These joint ventures have really changed my life! I placed a small ad on Facebook and attracted 8 solo ad providers and 3 high traffic blogs owners in less than a week. I’m currently earning over $36,000 per month from their efforts, and I get to use them whenever I need to run promo ads for my own clients.

Brad C //  Management Consultant

Introducing A Brand New Way To Promote Your Business And Raise Capital In Two Easy Steps!

96% of businesses will fail due to lack of capital, but you can get access to the very thing that every marketer needs (which is traffic), and use it to raise thousands in monthly capital, promote your own offers, and start helping others regardless of what they sell.

Simply join us, setup your marketing profile, and you'll receive $1000 in advertising that you can start using immediately.

You can use your adverting credits to promote your own business, give it away to others when they make a purchase from you, or sell it to others for a quick profit, and driving long term residuals when you turn them into repeat customers.

If you're smarter than the average marketer, or you already skilled at driving traffic, have an email list, blog, or high traffic website, you can turn one time sales into your long term repeat customers, when we expose your marketing services to others.

The best part is you can get paid daily, weekly, and monthly while you market your own business.

When you set things up the way that we'll show you, your offer will be exposed to up to thousands of marketers who have be incentivized to expose your products and services to their audience, they may purchase from you directly, become your affiliates, and joint venture partners, and help you drive more traffic, leads, and sales using the power of viral marketing.

Viral Marketing + Trust and Credibility = Massive Sales 

Even if you're brand new to marketing online you can leverage the email list, blogs, and traffic sources of others to help you succeed. 

Our members have every incentive to purchase and even work for you! Remember when you succeed so will they.

After all, each traffic source wants you as a long term repeat customer, verified JV, Affiliate or partner who can send them referrals, leads, or outsource future assignments to them.

These are customers they never have to look for!

They also want the leads, traffic sources, free advertising, bonuses, assignments, discounts, referrals, and joint venture opportunities that come directly from us.

One simple promotion can put you on the road to success and save you thousands of dollars in advertising cost each month, and you can potentially write 100% of your marketing cost off on your taxes, including the cost of your entire membership.  Imagine That!

If you get started before the timer runs out, we'll also find you two paying customers to cover the entire cost of your membership (within 30 days or less), and you can start using our powerful marketing services to bring verified traffic sources, leads, JV's, Affiliates, Influencers, referrals, and capital to you for free.

Imagine picking up your phone, tablet, or computer and receiving real time notifications each time you generate a sale, commission, upgrade, referral, traffic source, or bonus, and when a verified Affiliate, Influencer, JV, Business Connection, or Lead is searching for what you have to offer, and is ready to work with you.

You can offer them a discount on the spot and generate a sale instantly, or set up a joint venture, or assignment that can earn you thousands.

Today I Woke Up To My First $1,000 Sale...

Today I woke up to my first $1000 sale. All I have to do is provide traffic for a few people, and I'll earn commissions from future purchases, and the referrals they send my way.

David J  //  Blogger and Solo Ad Provider

Start  Dominating The Online Traffic Game!

Use Your Account, Your Business Connections, and Advertising Sources To:

Drive Traffic On Demand

Use our simple marketing form to setup advertising and promotional campaigns, transfer or trade credits with others, and tap into up to thousands of unique and targeted traffic sources.

Ad specialties include cross platform, CPA, PPC, PPV, PPT, blog, word of mouth, email, video, Influencer marketing, and our elite members only traffic sources, and we'll incentivize each one of them and connect them with you.  

Raise Capital and Build Your Own Traffic Source

Use specialized marketing funnels, and targeted traffic to raise thousands in monthly capital, and build a huge email list that you can use as a source of traffic, leads, and sales.

Raise your first $5,000 - $20,000 in 30 days or less, and start promoting your business, driving down the cost of your advertising, products, and services, joint venturing, creating new offers, leveraging new traffic sources, and drive sales, commissions, and residuals in one simple process.

 Global Referral Network

We'll connect you with upto thousands of verified JV's, Affiliate Marketers, Influencers, Content Creators, Traffic Sources, and Service Providers from across the globe, and tie them to your success using our powerful incentives program.

You can promote your offers to other members, and attract Affiliates, Joint Venture partners, receive referrals, and clients, and start driving more sales using word of mouth marketing alone. 

Give Away Traffic With Each Sale 

Do you sell business related products or services?

While your competitors are giving away e-books, training courses, and software that their customers will never use, you can give away $25, $50, or $100 in traffic with each purchase, and turn one time sales into long term repeat business.

You can also earn commissions when your customers help their customers drive traffic as well. Leading to long term residual income from other peoples efforts. 

Start Selling Traffic To Others

If you're selling business related products or services and you'd like to earn residual income, then you can also start selling traffic, or marketing services as an upsell, or a one time offer.

You don't even have to provide any traffic or services yourself.  

Imagine selling multiple products and services, outsourcing the work to others, collecting a nice fee, and earning residual income from their repeat business. 

Turn Your Connections Into Sales

Have you ever had to turn down a sale because you didn't have enough capital, resources, or experience?  

With up to thousands of JV's Affiliate Marketers, Service Providers, Influencers, and businesses owners in any given niche, (each with capital, products, services, and resources of their own), you can tap into a network of verified business professionals, outsource any assignment you need to others, raise capital for your self or for clients, and earn long term commissions from referrals alone.

Are you sick and tired of:

  • Skyrocketing ad cost,
  • Creating expensive videos for little views,
  • Relying on the search engines,
  • Consultants charging you thousands up front,
  • Getting low conversions from your email campaigns,
  • Buying the latest, greatest traffic strategies and software
  • Posting all over social media with little exposure
  • Spending thousands on training, seminars, and courses 
  • And getting very little results for your time and effort?

Well It's Time To Start Thinking Outside The Box?

$6461 in residuals, and $18,922 in sales...

I'm actually earning more than my husband, but I get to work from home. As a domain name and Hosting Reseller I’ve been able to boost my customer retention and commissions from referrals, and offering the marketing services of others. 

My earnings have reached $6461 in residuals, and $18,922 in sales to date, and I love that I can use my traffic sources to attract customers, then offer them traffic as well. 

Hannah R  //  Hosting Reseller

"Join thousands of marketers and tie their resources to your success. You can raise capital, promote your products and services, help your customers and clients get exactly what they need at huge discounts, and diversify your earnings before your competitors find out.

Simply Join Us, Set Up Your Marketing Account, and Bring The Traffic, Leads, and Referrals To You!

You can even test our marketing services for free, For a limited time

No Experience Needed!

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling Wordpress plugins or I-phones, providing customer support, graphic design or web development services, or if you're brand new to online marketing, and would love to help others raise capital, and drive traffic as a service.

Our members want to help you raise capital, find all the traffic, leads, business connections, and discounts on the products and services you need, build residual income, and start advertising your business better than the top 1% does every day.

The only thing standing between you and ultimate success is more traffic, leads, and sales.

Start Networking Like The Top 1%

If you've been paying attention to top marketers and the products and services they sell, you'll notice that they all work in groups or teams, which puts them way ahead of you.

When you join our network, and setup your account you can tie your success to thousands of verified marketers who have a vested interest in helping you succeed.

With over 4.3 Billion in available traffic inventory, the thousands of business resources of our members, the cash, bonuses, rewards, free advertising, and millions in discounts that are up for grabs, you can use your marketing account, and the simple process below to:

Receive Huge Discounts 

Get huge discounts on the products and services you need to scale and streamline your business.

Save Thousands On Marketing

Save thousands in marketing cost, and advertising expenses using free advertising, leads, referrals, and word of mouth marketing.

Rewards and Prizes

Receive cash, bonuses, rewards, prizes, and other incentives when you help others, even if they're your own customers.

Conquer Social Media

Get access to up to thousands who can help you build influence, credibility, and drive sales by sharing your social content with their audience each day.

Build Your Email list 

Build email lists for yourself or for clients, and attract dozens of verified affiliates from the teams above and below them. You can also joint venture with others who are ready to help you succeed.

Promote Any Offer

Promote any offer you want and use your connections, and capital to create new offers, while you funnel traffic to your websites, or the sites of others in one simple process.

You can also share your offers with up to thousands of JV's affiliates, and traffic sources that are looking for things to promote.

Get Referrals and Outsource

Receive referrals and targeted traffic assignments that could be worth thousands each month. You can also outsource assignments to others and share in the profits.

Take Control Of your marketing Once and for all

Yes, just because you can raise thousands in monthly capital doesn't mean you have to spend it on advertising. You can use paid advertising, barter, joint venture and affiliate with your business connections, or you can promote your offers for free by sharing content with others?

There's No Limit To What You Can Do When You Have Access To The Resources, and Verified Business Connections That Are Eager To Help You and Your Clients Succeed!

Start Advertising Your Business Today!

I wish I found this years ago. They've proven that they genuinely cared about our success from day one.

Charles F - Consultant

Here's What More Users Are Saying:

At 22 days in we've already earned $14,742,  attracted 1643 leads, and have 217 business connections under us. 

Anna Smith - CEO, Incorp

$18,756 to this date!
I've learned more from your training then I did in 3 years of searching for ways to build my business online+."

Micheal L - Sales Manager

What Else Can You Do With Your Marketing Account?

Learn, Consult, Then Outsource

There isn't a business online that can't use more capital to improve their products and services, hire new employees, or to help drive more traffic, leads, and sales.

Fortunately for you most marketers are too busy, they don't have the expertise or connections, or they might not have the experience to do it themselves.

Online Marketers are leaving Billions of Dollars On The Table and They Don't Even Know It!

Affiliates, Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Everyday People Across The World Are Searching For Your Products and Services!

They'll either outsource this work to someone like you, waste endless years on the free traffic methods and software, or procrastinate all together and eventually throw in the towel.

What If You Could Help Them Drive Traffic, Attract More leads, and Referral, Raise Capital, Find  Business Connections, Build Residual Income, And Save Them Thousands In The Process?

When someone purchases advertising, memberships, upgrades, or products or services from your recommendation, you can earn up to 25% or more per month, and profit from their memberships, sales, purchases, referrals, partnerships, affiliations, bonuses or joint ventures, and when you outsource assignments to them.

Get The Cashflow You Need To Dominate In Your Industry

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Payouts

Verifying your account has it's benefits. It helps you build trust and credibility with top marketers who are always searching for great things to promote.

It can also open up the doors to verified JV's, Affiliates, Service Providers, Business Connections, Influencers, and sales, and discounts on the products and services you need.  

While other networks pay 1% to 3% every 7, 15, 30, or 45 days, we pay out 25% of all referrals and upgrades each day, and 10% of all sales bi-weekly, and 25% on all monthly residuals.

You can also earn from any affiliate or joint venture opportunities that you take part in.

Daily, instant, and cash advance payments can give you the cash flow you need to scale your marketing budget, and promote your offers like never before.

Bi-weekly commissions, and monthly residual income payments will give you the means to: 

  • - Advertise like the pros using paid traffic  
  • - Joint venture and partner with others from a position of strength 
  • - Raise Capital and Create new products and services, 
  • - Protect your business against failure.
  • - Affiliate with top brands or promote higher ticket offers
  • - and write off much of what you spend on your taxes.  

“As one of the first beta testers this might sound unbelievable, but my current earnings have reached over $34,000 a month and all I'm doing is running ads to find traffic clients, and outsourcing those campaigns to others. 14 of my current customers came from my referrals” If I can do it anyone can.

Daniel M - Marketing Consultant

Let your competitors wait 10, 30, or even 45 days to get paid. While you Get Verified and start getting paid daily, bi-weekly, and earn residuals each month.

Check out our payout schedule and commission structure below.

You can start earning from:

  • Network Purchases:  Paid Bi Weekly -  Earn 10%
  • Traffic campaigns:   Paid Bi Weekly - Earn 10%
  • Memberships: Paid Daily and Monthly -  Earn 25%
  • Upgrades: Paid Daily and Monthly -   Earn 25%
  • Second Tier Sales:  Paid Daily, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly - Earn 10%

If you refer just 25 people, and each of them refer
just 25 people, (which we actually help them do),
you could be generating residual income from 625 people, and that’s not including any joint ventures, partnerships, referrals, or products and services that they purchase from you.

"Remember Everyone Receives $1000 In Advertising, Two Paying Signups and And A $42.00 Off, If They Get Started Before Time Runs Out"

The Average Marketer Will Spend $12,459 and 1024 Hours On Software, Advertising, and Traffic Strategies This Year! 

Turn Them Into Your Long Term Customers Instead? 

Most marketers spend thousands on R&D, planning, creating their products or services, consultants, market research, web development, graphic designers, video creation, copywriters, and the like, but when it comes to business capital they're only one marketing campaign away from total failure.

With a 96% business failure rate, millions of marketers are stuck in their ways, and if you can help them get what they need, you can turn them into long term repeat customers.

If you can help them raise capital, save thousands on their traffic campaigns, get discounts on the products and services they need, or find quality service providers that can help them perform any task, what else do you think they would purchase from you?

Are You Part Of The 96% That Will Waste Another Year On:

Free Advertising Methods 

Are you wasting time on free and low cost traffic methods that eat up all of your time and energy?

Software Suites

Are you sick of software suites that don't enhance your business, and only work until the search engine, or social media sites find out?

Lack Of Working Capital

Does it seem like you never have enough, business, or marketing capital to promote effectively, make purchases, pay bills, business expenses, or take on larger  customers or clients?

Paid Advertising 

Have you been spending hundreds, if not thousands on paid advertising, knowing one failed campaign could end in total failure?

No Control 

Are you still leaving the success of your business in the hands of free traffic methods, software suites, social media, and the search engine giants?

Instant payments, and referrals has helped me to scale up like never before...

I earned $126 in a month through my last CPA network, but I earned that in less than a day using your network. Also Instant payments and referrals have helped me scale up like never before.

Deepak C  // Dropshipper/ Distributor

Take Control Of Your Marketing, Start Raising Capital, And Writing Things Off On Your Taxes

No matter what you have to offer, you can never have enough capital!

You can use your capital to:

Purchase the resources, supplies, and materials you need to perform your services.

Offer bonuses, rewards, discounts, and the kind of incentives that your competitors can't afford.

Create new offers, improve upon existing ones, drive down the product cost, and still make a profit.

Purchase white label or resell rights on the top selling offers in your niche.

Joint Venture, Partner, or Affiliate with other members, and the members of their teams.

Purchase company vehicles, and other business related equipment.

Create contest, giveaways, and purchase larger advertising campaigns.

Take clients and potential
customer out to expensive
dinners to discuss potential business deals.

This is purely out of the box thinking for marketers. I wish I could keep it this a secret, but then again that may cost me in the long run. 

Mathew Edmondson, Web Designer

Hire new employees and offer sales, and sign on bonuses to top performers.

Spoil yourself, your family, pay off bills, and have more than you need for a rainy day.


"Always check with a competent tax professional in your local area to find out what deductions are available to you"

In Other Words Start Marketing Like The Top 1% does Every day.


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What Do You Have To Lose?

You'll receive: 

  • Access To Traffic Sources That You Can Use To Promote Your Offers, And Help Your Customers or Clients. 
  • $1,000 In Advertising Credits To Drive Traffic, Leads, Sales, and More Exposure.
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  • The Ability To Raise Thousands In Capital That Comes In Each Month Or Joint Venture And Use The Capital Of Others. 
  • Access To Referrals and Assignments, Or Refer Other And Get Them To Perform Assignments for You. 
  • Build Your Credibility, Brand And Influence and Fill Your Profile With Endorsements And Reviews From Top Marketers
  • The Ability To Earn Daily, Bi-weekly and Monthly Residuals and Get Others To Drive Most Of Your Earnings.
  • Help Customers and Clients Drive Traffic, Leads, and Sales, and Ensure Your Own Success. 
  • Get Huge Discounts On The Products and Services You Need, And Pass Those Saving On To Your Customers As Well. 
  • Marketing Funnels and Membership Content To Help You Raise $2500 -$20,000 in monthly capital With Only Two Customers Per Day.
  • Get Updates Each Time You Or Someone On Your Team Generates A Sale, Commission, Verified Lead, Business Connection, Traffic Source, Or Referral For You.
  • Save Thousands On Advertising Cost And Other Expenses. 
  •  30 Money Back GUARANTEE 
  • And Enjoy All The Exciting Perks Of Your Membership. 

    Achieve Your Goals In Two Easy Steps

    Step 1: Setup Your Marketing Profile (In 20 minutes or less), and it will be shared with up to thousands of verified members (each week), bring the traffic, leads, and sales to you. 

Each member is constantly being incentivized to purchase your offers, joint venture, affiliate, refer you to others, become your traffic sources, and to start working with you instead of outside sources.

You can also earn free advertising and exposure, bonuses, prizes, cash, and other incentives based on your account activity, and how much you help others. 

Simply check your messages and updates for new opportunity to cash in.

Step 2: Start sharing and helping others!

You'll receive $1,000 In Advertising that you can use to promote. 

You can use your advertising to promote your own business, give some away to customers when they purchase from you, or you can sell advertising to others and turn free advertising or a one time sale, into long term repeat business.

Start sharing your products, services, or content with other members, and expose your products and services to the entire network, and their audience as well. 

Contact your referrals, respond to inquires, secure assignments, and provide excellent support, purchase advertising campaigns, and watch your earnings grow.

In other words, pay it forward. The more active you are the more advertising, leads, referrals, traffic sources and joint venture opportunities you'll receive. 

Two Ways To Get Started!! 

Advertise For Free!

Advertise your business for free and tap into thousands of social sharers that are incentivized to not only purchase from you, but share your offers with others.

While you can share, create content and have us share it with others, and advertise to up to 100,000 people each week for free, you won't get to share in the revenue, build your marketing team or connect with thousands of marketers and tie them to your success.  

Advertise For Free for A Limited Time

  • Share Content For Others and Earn Thousands In Ad Credits
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  • Access to Silver Membership Content
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  • Network Referrals, and Assignments
  • Access To Service Providers and Account Managers 
  • Two Automatic signups (First come first served.)

Start Sharing And Advertising For Free.



Advertise and Raise Capital!

Experience the power of advertising and raising capital when you have hundreds of people doing most of the work for you.

Receive $1,000 in free advertising, targeted leads, and referrals, and verified business connections to help you get started. Chat and send messages directly from your account, leave comments and reviews for a job well done, receive all updates related to your account including sales, commission, messages, bonuses, and other opportunities, and start bartering, participating in partnerships, joint ventures, affiliating, and selling your offers to others, getting huge discounts on purchases, and write off much of what you spend on your taxes.

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  • Includes Everything Inside The Free Plan Only Better
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  • Two Automatic signups (First come first served.)
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This is the new gold rush, but Instead of panning for gold I sell the shovels, and boots that my clients need. I was a total newbie and I had my first $1500 client in 10 hours, quit my day job, and never turned back. It’s just too easy... ”  

Jose L - Newbie Turned Consultant


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There are billions in opportunities that you can take advantage of.  All you need is a plan, a little creativity, and the ability to think outside the box.

You should already have a plan for how you want to utilize our services so you can hit the ground running.

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You need capital that comes in every month consistently, targeted traffic sources, and verified business connections that are ready to provide traffic, leads, referrals, assignments, offer you deep discounts on the products and services you need.

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What you do with your earnings and resources is up to you!

We have access to over 4.3 Billion Dollars In Daily Traffic Inventory, connections, and business resources and it keeps growing each day.

To help each member cover the cost of their memberships, we reinvest much of the cost of your membership back into our marketing to help you find your drive more leads, sales, signups, and traffic sources, and place them directly under you.

Not only can you earn from the personal efforts of your account manager, but you'll earn from everyone referred under those members without lifting a finger.

If one of your referrals earns $30,000 per month, you'll earn $3000 from their efforts. 

The best part is we go above and beyond to help our members succeed, and they pay it forward by helping others like you.  


If you would love to have an Account Manager who can drive the traffic, leads,
and sales for you, simply fill out the free consultation form, and well get right back to you. 

“Nothing has spoken volumes more than producing results. My clients have no idea how I'm doing it, but they keep coming back for more. I'm now generating multiple streams of income, and most of it is coming from other people...

Amy C - Business Consultant

Join Us And Start Getting Results Fast!

I wish I found this years ago. You've proven that you genuinely cared about our success from day one.

Charles F - Consultant


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